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the great and powerful oz...er...alex

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Monday, February 27th, 2006
3:20 pm - p.s,
i forgot to add, i got a new journal. fuck this allison bullshit. (man, i've wanted to do that for so long)


current mood: okay

vodka forgives all sins

2:25 pm - i will your ambulance if you will be my accident
the weather is being weird. it's saposed rain a lot soon, and i can see the storm commin' in.

anyway, in case you were interested, last thursday before work i
1) found the paystub that said sunset parking owes me $146.50
2)bought some film
3)shot almost and entire roll at sunset cliffs.

it was nice to have a little time to myself. don't get me wrong, i love tiara with all my heart. but sometimes you just need that alone time. and when it's with my camera or skateboard it's even better.

i also called the north park community health center and made an apointment with dr. davey smith for hormones. i'm glad that there is a place for kids like me who can't afford regular office visits. it makes getting a hold of hormones a lot easier. anyway, my apointment is on april 4th. now that there is a date set it feels a lot more real. and i know that i won't have to be frustrated with not passing for much longer.

pictures i keep meaning to post...Collapse )

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vodka forgives all sins

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
8:27 am
no work until 11:30.

option 1)
sit around the apartment and do nothing

option 2)

option 3)
go to the beach

i think i'm going with option 3. i'll clean later.

current mood: awake

vodka forgives all sins

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
8:40 am
even thought i have the day off and could sleep in my body still wakes up at 8am. lame.

anyway, out of the 3 job interviews i only went to one. one of them was for the marriot in solana beach, but it turned out that it was for graveyard. fuck that. so i didn't go. the next one was for the old globe. they were really cool there. they called me he and basically told me that i was hired. i was so excited i called the other place i was saposed to have and interview (san diego city events) at and told them that i was hired. after all this the people from the globe told me they'd call me back before saterday. they finally called me back yesterday and left me a brief voicemail saying that they hired some one else. even more lame. so now i have to re-email sd city events and tell them the whole story and see if they still want me for an interview. hopefully they will b/c i almost went on a homicidal rampage at the aquarium.

i ordered my new packer and harness last week, so they should be here soon. my last packer died, so i haven't been packing at all. (now i have the song detachable penis by king missle stuck in my head. although it is strangly fitting. hehe)

so today lori and i (and i think damesha wants to go too) are going to take the lulu-dog and archie-sue to get baths. hopefully they'll get along. both of them can be kinda iffy sometimes with other dogs. although lulu is getting better about it. she was really good with tiara's dad's dog, joslyn (and older rottie) and with donna's dog nikka (and older german shepard). maybe i'll even post pictures (because i know you really care that much about my dog).

besides that tiara and i might go skateboarding. we decided to take spend some time together, just the two of us, and work on our relationship. we've both been in strange moods lately, so it's been kinda weird.

i think i'm going to make an apoinment with dr. smith too, the endo at the community health center. so i can get the hormone ball a-rollin'. i'm pretty excited about testosterone, except for the part where i'm gonna have to talk to my parents about me being trans. yeah, that'll be fun. but hopefully it'll go better then i expect, sometimes things go that way.

now i'm off to take a shower, and do dishes and clean house. maybe i'll surprise tiara and make her breakfast. i promised her i would show her more affection, b/c it's not really something i'm good at. so i'm starting too.

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vodka forgives all sins

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
6:53 pm - holy crap batman

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Alex!

  1. Alexolatry is the mindless worship of alex.
  2. Japan provides over thirty percent of the world's alex supply.
  3. New Zealand was the first place to allow alex to vote!
  4. Humans share over 98 percent of their DNA with alex.
  5. Wearing headphones for an hour will increase the amount of alex in your ear 700 times.
  6. It can take alex several days to move just through one tree.
  7. Human beings are the only animals that copulate while facing alex.
  8. Alex is the male seed of a flower blossom which has been gathered and treated by bees!
  9. Alex was originally green, and actually contained cocaine!
  10. The eye of an ostrich is bigger than alex.
I am interested in - do tell me about

dear birch aquarium,

i have 3 (yes, 3) job interviews tommorow. i'm a bit nervious b/c it'll be my first interviews as openly trans. but at the same time i'm very excited, i honesly can't wait to put in my two week notice to birch.

in other exiting news i ordered my new packer, but i'm not sure if any of you wanted to know that.

3 shots spilled on the counter
vodka forgives all sins

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
10:25 pm
what an awesome day.....

4 shots spilled on the counter
vodka forgives all sins

Saturday, February 4th, 2006
1:33 pm
its cold and cloudy at the aquarium and i'm freezing. a lot has happened since the last time i updated, but i'm not sure if i can remember it all.

yesterday i talked to my coworkers about pro-nouns. they were all pretty cool about it. from what i understood, donna and lisa (the owners) were pretty much waiting for me to talk to them. now i only need to talk to caitlin and mike, which will be easy b/c i hang out with them outside of work. i feel like this is all moving very quickly. it doesn't bother me though. tiara is going with me tonight to EAGER (the trans group at the lgbt center). i think we're going to watch transgeneration. but mostly i think it will be good for her to see older ftm so she'll get an idea of what the future will hold.

on that note our one year aniversery is next week. we're too broke to do anything, so we'll probably just spend the day together or something. we sat down last night and looked at our bills and looked at what we make, and we realized that we're broke. so now i need to pick up more hours at the aquarium. she can't get a second job b/c she's in school, which i understand. i'm just worried about whats going to happen in the fall when i go back to school too. anyway, i'm gonna start job hunting again, hopefully i'll find a place with decent pay and good hours so i can work double shifts and get a day off every once in a while. i really hate working 7 days a week. i need just one day to rest and do chores. plus i can't even tell you the last day where i could do whatever i wanted and not had to worry about time or cleaning or dishes. it sucks, it really does. but on the plus side living with tiara is amazing. i don't think i would ever move back into my parents house.

but lori, i promise we'll save and go to knotts or disneyland soon.

current mood: cold, and a bit depresses

4 shots spilled on the counter
vodka forgives all sins

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
12:22 pm
half day at the aquarium today. i hate this place and i want to quit, but i can't. tiara hurt her ankle at work and we're still trying to play catch-up on bills from xmas. we were planning a trip to disneyland for our aniversery (the 8th of feb!!!!!!!), but now were not sure if we're goning to have the money for it. it sounds quite pathetic. but disneyland tickets are $60 each, and on top of that theres the gas to get up there, parking and food. so i guess it's plan b, whatever plan b is. something not quite so expensive but still fun. knotts would be fun, but we were just there for tiara's birthday.

in other news we got a fish. his name is amos, and he's very cute. i'll have to post a picture of him.

i talked to my therapist yesterday. she said that as soon as i can afford hormones on a regular basis then she work on getting me a prescription for them. soooooooo excited. so now i'm looking into the cost. it's not too much. $50 or so every few monthes. the expensive part is the doctors visits and the blood work involved.

i'm not so excited about working a double shift today. after i get off work tonight at the dog wash i get to go home and do dishes and clean b/c tiara can't do anything b/c of her ankle. i'm not particularly excited about it, but i've been putting it off, and now it needs to be done.

i need to get ready, i'm almost off work here.

current mood: my head hurts

5 shots spilled on the counter
vodka forgives all sins

Sunday, January 8th, 2006
4:13 pm - finally an update
so, lets see....

full day at the aquarium. the more i work here the more i realize that the older i get the shorter my patience with kids becomes...does that make any sense? so, i guess, in a way, i'm turning into my mom, but only in that in that particular way.

i'm really excited about transitioning. lori, damesha and i went to EAGER last night. it was fun. the older MTF's were really nice to me. after that we went back to the apartment and had "boys night", which fun.

i had all this interesting stuff to say, but then i forgot it all. i hate when i do that.

anyway, i have a bunch of pictures to post from our trip to oregon and boys night....

o yeah, and my mohawk is red-ish nowCollapse )

and for extra fun... http://sandiego.craigslist.org/mis/123233427.html that bathhouse is within walking distance of the apartment, and i always giggle when i drive by.

current mood: tired

3 shots spilled on the counter
vodka forgives all sins

2:03 pm
from lowbrow.com:

so i'm in denny's at 3 am...big black man dressed like a jedi at table next to me. It's near halloween and I look at him, puzzled.

He says: Man--what you lookin at?

Me: uh. jus lookin around dude...

Him: Ain't you never seen Obi-Wan-KeNegro before?

1 shots spilled on the counter
vodka forgives all sins

Friday, December 30th, 2005
10:46 am
so, i'm back from oregon. it was fun. i've had a head ache on and off (mostly on) for the last 3 days. i need to call my dentist and get my wisdom teeth pulled soon. i'm pretty sure that's whats causing my head aches. i can't really afford more bills, but it needs to be done.

i'll update more when i have the time, prehaps tonight.

current mood: my head effing hurts

2 shots spilled on the counter
vodka forgives all sins

Monday, December 19th, 2005
12:37 pm - she blinded me w/science!
so, i turned down the manager job at birch. i hate la jolla people with a burning passion, and i couldn't handle spending 40 hrs/week with them. i would kill somebody.

actually i meet my new boss today. her name's mary gay..hehe....

i talked more w/my therapist. she was pushing for me to tell my parents about my trans stuff soonish, like "merry xmas, i'm a boy!". i veto-ed that one. so she wants me to pick a date to start my one year of living as a boy. you have to live one year as the gender you want to be before they'll sign you off for any surgery. i'm thinking febuaryish. tiara and i have talked though alot of the alkwordness that we're going though. she said that she still ID's as a lesbiean, even though i'm a boy. we're looking into health coverage to help out w/RX costs, and diffrent packers.

we also almost got a dog the other day. some lady abonded her dog at the dog wash. it was this really cute, really sweat white boxer. unfortunetly we can't have a dog in our place where we live. however, they're going to turn our apts into condos. so when they do i told her that our next place will be animal friendly and we'll get a dog. it's hard working at a dog wash without a dog.

i g2g, my boss is gonna be here soon.

current mood: excited

5 shots spilled on the counter
vodka forgives all sins

Friday, December 9th, 2005
11:14 am - because the year's not over yet....
the object? Go back to your very first post of each month during 2005...copy the first sentence of each post you made and post that in a new thread in your LJ, talking about your year in review. You'd be amazed to see what you wrote back then.

'05Collapse )

current mood: bored

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vodka forgives all sins

Friday, December 2nd, 2005
4:34 pm
i got an interesting call from my boss at the aquarium today. she put in her two week notice today and her bosses wanted to know if she knew of anyone who could take over her spot. she nominated me. at first i turned her down. to be the manager at birch i would have to work 40 hours a week, and be on call 7days a week if something goes wrong. however, they'll pay me quite a bit and offer me health and dental benifits. however, if i take the job i'd have to quit the dog wash. so here's my delima, quit the dog wash, work at the aquarium full time and hate it. or keep my job at the dog wash, for not so great pay and love my job. it's kinda tough. also, if i choose to transion, the dog wash will be a much easier place for me to do it then at birch, working for a company that i can't find info on on the hrc's list of gay friendly company's.

i go back and forth. monday my boss from birch is gonna talk to me more about what the company is prepared to offer me to be a manager.

current mood: frustrated

2 shots spilled on the counter
vodka forgives all sins

Sunday, November 27th, 2005
10:47 am
so i haven't updated in forever, so here's a quick recap...
(in no particular order)

-hung out w/morgana and sara, it was nice to see them both again
-got bit by a dog at work, (i'm ok)
-thanks to veronica and tiara i have my mohawk back
-got completely shit-faced thanksgiving night w/lori and damesha
-hung out w/lizzie, it was nice to see her too
-finally found donkey kong for the super nintendo
-my bosses think i smoke a lot of pot
-fell off my skateboard and my arm is all banaged up

the biggest thing that happened is that i finally brought my gender issues up to my therapist. she was so excited and told me that she's been waiting for me to bring it up for years. she gave me 2 books on trannys (both of which i've read) and she's encourgeing me to seek out other ftm resources.

frankly, i'm terrified.

but somewhere deep down it feels right.

current mood: okay

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vodka forgives all sins

Sunday, November 13th, 2005
4:32 pm
hanging out w/morgana tonight :D

work at birch is still lame. today i got bored an put up a sign on the plexi-glass ticket booth, "please do not tap on the glass"

and i also almost got cought looking at nws things on wtf_inc

and finally, on of the best lowbrow moments i've seen in while...

snip snipCollapse )

and now to go play on google earth

current mood: bored

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vodka forgives all sins

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
9:08 am
i need to leave for work in 5 min, and i'm not wearing pants...hmmm...wtf am i doing on lj then?

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Sunday, November 6th, 2005
12:29 pm - i almost threw a total fit when i saw him wrecking in the pit
the show last night was awesome. the first band was this punk/ska band that had a horn/keybord player who only played in 3/4 of the set, and when he wasn't playing he was in the corner pouting, for real. i enjoyed them, and they played a ska song in espanol :D. the second band had on they're amps that they were founded in 1977, which i wouldn't doubt. they were pretty good too, except one of their guitarists looked like a bum they pulled off the street, and he was flirting w/all the 16 year old girls in the frount, it made you sick to your stomach. however, they're bassest was this tall, ex junkie looking, hot lady, with big lips and an even bigger rack. and she spit fire...at the crowd. when the lighter fluid hit us (us being me and frank) it was still hot.

frank and i only watched about half of the horrorpops set, they're were a bunch of jerky psycobilly guys there who started the worst pit ever, they were pushing and shoving and just being douche bags. so we scooted our way back. we found all the punk kids who were skanking they're butts off. we proceded to skank with them. and by the way, skanking is so much more fun in a group then by yourself. after that we made our way out of there to get something to drink. we sat in the lobby at soma and listened to the rest of the set. we also ran into lauren and alex there.

in other news, here's a grip of pictures i've been meaning to post and i just havent gotten around to it yet....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
that's me checkin out the apartment b/f it was ours...

drag-king goodnessCollapse )

frightmare-y goodnessCollapse )

photoshop-y goodnessCollapse )

i'm getting my hair cut today, i'm quite excited...

current mood: bored

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vodka forgives all sins

Saturday, November 5th, 2005
2:55 pm
full day at the aquarium today. lame. i kinda miss those half days.

my last night at frightmare was awesome. they gave me the chainsaw again. i chased one girl back through 3 rooms, running full speed with it. i finally stopped b/c i knew i was gonna run chainsaw first into someone. i also think i made someone crap their pants, which was my goal for the season.

secretly, i'm really happy that the season is over. i get my nights back, and i won't look like i get the crap beat out of me every night. although i'm gonna for sure miss a few of the people. having tina and shannon in charge was pretty cool.

horrorpops tonight w/frank. but first i have to go home and change. this morning it was too hot to run around in jeans and creepers. anyway, i'm soooo excited. they're playing on the side stage at soma, so we'll be real close. i miss hanging out w/frank. so i'm excited about hanging out w/her too. i spent some time w/her brad and kate last night. there was no tiara-bashing, which made me quite happy.

also, i've decided i'm going to organize a zombie walk, like the one in toronto... http://www.torontozombiewalk.com/home/ i'm so jelous. see, canada is cooler then america....but we knew that.

i think that's about it

current mood: excited

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vodka forgives all sins

Saturday, October 29th, 2005
3:09 pm
random quiz thingyCollapse )
work at the aqaruim sucks a little more every day. i seriously want to quit. hopefully i'll get a big enough raise from the dog wash that i'll be able to only work one job.

 i had an insident at frightmare last night. i was breaking the kid in the dark hallway, which basically is this big turn-y hallway that's pitch black and the character in there has a camera flash on a chunk on broom-handle or something. anyway, last night i was running around the place in only a wife beater and my black cut-off's. anyway, i was up against a wall, prepareing to scare some people and there's a big tall guy next to me, he brushes against my chest, realizes my boobs are there and grabs them. without thinking i hit him with the handle of the flasher, punch him a few more times and then cuss him out. i was going to turn on my flashlight to see what he looked like, then grab him, and haul him upstairs for tina and shannon. but i knew he would tell them that i hit him and i could get fired for that. so i let him go. later i went upstairs and asked tina and shannon "theoretically, this guy in the dark hallway grabs my boobs on purpose so i react w/o thinking and hit him w/the handle of the flasher, who would be in more trouble?" they looked at me, and chewed me out a bit for hitting home, but didn't do anything. they told me that they probably would have done the same thing in my position. the guy never did come back and say anything. now that i think about it, he was probably fairly drunk.

 in other news,
 i think i know this guy
and i really want these for my skate board

and i think i might go skateboarding b/f work

ok, i'm done

current mood: hungry

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vodka forgives all sins

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